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Slip & Fall Injury? Neck Pain? Back Hurt? Whiplash?

A Chiropractor is the best doctor to see after an auto accident?  If you or someone you know has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, call us at # 954 981 1980

We help patients recover fast and heal with take home education after a car crash on pain accident therapy.

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You may be hurt and in pain and not feel that you are able to work, but your bills need to be paid and you must continue with your daily responsibilities. Even the simplest task can become difficult to complete when you are in pain. If your car is damaged or even totaled, it may be impossible for you to get around. Where do you go from here?

South Florida Auto Accident Chiropractor Recommendations include extended care, physical therapy and other specialized treatments including chiropractic.

Florida PIP Law says a victim has 14 days to file a claim for a auto accident injury. Waiting or delay in treatment could cause your case to lose value. Waiting also causes more difficulties for the victim to recover. We have our staff standing by, waiting to assist you in the event you are injured in a car wreck. Injuries suffered in a car accident are different types of injures. Most commonly is whiplash. Whiplash is usually caused from being hit in the rear. A accident doctor can diagnose and treat whiplash, and any other pain suffered in a car crash. If these injuries persist without treatment then a simple whiplash injury can result in a lifetime of scoliosis. So make sure you get your spine checked today.

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 Patients in South Florida rely on chiropractic care every year to help them heal from car accidents and live healthy, active lives.

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